First Thousand Words

My classThe Usborne First Thousand Words in Arabicmates take the mickey (because they’re all green with envy), but this is the most useful vocabulary builder I’ve come across.

I had this book in English when I was a toddler. Unsurprisingly, the words aren’t going in quite as quickly as when I was three years old, but I find it much more useful than a grown up, very serious list of words in a dictionary = boring. And the best bit is there’s no English, so you start thinking of the concept in Arabic, rather than as a translation of an English word (as long as you know what the word is in English – do we have a word for the magnetic things that connect train carriages together??).

Each page has a picture of different scenes or categories, such as the kitchen, the garden, or verbs. There’s also a full list of words at the back, organised alphabetically in English.

There’s no vocalisation, which I really need at the moment, but there is a transliteration for each word. This is a double edged sword of course, because I find myself depending more on the easy-to-read Latin than the still-squiggly-lined Arabic. But I WILL learn those thousand words, dammit!

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